Bookings: Because the powder room beauty is run by the owner that means there is often no one to answer your phone call but that doesn’t mean I don’t care! I want to be able to give each of you my undivided attention when you’re having a treatment with me so thank you for your understanding if you get the answer phone. Please do leave your name and number and I will get back to you between clients as soon as I can.


Cancellations: Failure to show to an appointment and cancelation less than 24 hrs prior to appointments may result in a 50% charge. Please bear in mind that it is near impossible to fill an appointment when cancelled last minute or even worse when you don’t show up at all! However, we understand that sometimes events can be out of our control in our busy lives so please discuss with your powder room professional and we will take your circumstances into consideration.


Also please take into consideration that if you have booked for more than one treatment the time needed for all of them to be completed has been allocated for you. So if you know in advance that you no longer require one of the treatments it is required for you to let us know 24hrs prior so I can adjust your booking time accordingly.


Late arrival to appointment can throw the rest of my bookings out for the day, so to be fair to my other lovely powder girls we may not be able to complete everything we have booked to be done for you. But you may still be charged for full treatment.


Children: The Powder Room beauty loves children but sometimes its not always that practical to bring your cherubs with you. Over the years I’ve managed to work around new borns and find until they start to crawl mum and I manage with a bit of multi tasking ☺. But this can depend on the child and once they are mobile it is a distraction to mum and therapist and could potentially be a danger to the child and usually requires extra time for your appointment. Once they are older and can run around outside without being supervised then I’m fine for you to bring them back again.


But please take into account that it’s not a daycare and is situated on a working farm, therefore the powder room is not responsible for the safety of your children.



Prices are subject to change without prior notice.